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Enhance Veterinary Practices with PETRACKR's Blood Glucose Analyzer

Updated: Feb 6

Introducing the PETRACKR® Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring System, a convenient handheld analyser designed for pet owners to effortlessly track, monitor, and share their beloved companion's blood glucose results with their veterinarian. Engineered specifically for cats and dogs, this system ensures swift and precise outcomes.

Image display of PETRACKR Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Revolutionize pet care with the PETRACKR Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Advantages of the PETRACKR® System:

The PETRACKR® system empowers vets and pet owners to effectively manage their pet's diabetes. By regularly monitoring blood glucose levels, owners can identify trends and patterns that aid in adjusting insulin dosages and implementing lifestyle changes to enhance their pet's well-being.

Moreover, the PETRACKR® system enhances the quality of life for pets with diabetes. By ensuring well-regulated blood glucose levels, owners can help prevent or delay the onset of diabetic complications, such as vision impairment, kidney disease, and nerve damage.

User-friendly and suitable for pet owners of all experience levels, the PETRACKR® system is effortless to operate. The lightweight, compact analyser can be conveniently carried on the go, while the user-friendly app provides clear instructions on system usage.

The PETRACKR® Analyzer:

The PETRACKR® Analyser, a compact handheld device, simplifies the testing process. It features a large, easily readable display for real-time blood glucose results. The analyser also includes a hands-free strip eject button, facilitating the disposal of used test strips.

The PETRACKR® Mobile App:

The PETRACKR® mobile app serves as a robust tool enabling pet owners to track, monitor, and share their pet's blood glucose results. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app empowers pet owners to:

Record blood glucose results

Analyse trends and patterns in blood glucose levels

Set reminders for blood glucose testing

Share blood glucose results with their veterinarian

Additional Information:

The PETRACKR® system provides a starter kit, comprising the analyser, lancets, and a convenient carrying case. The PETRACKR® app is available for free download and use.

Please note: 2 x AAA batteries are required (not included).

Test strips are sold separately.

Product Features:

Kit Includes:

1 x PETRACKR® blood glucose analyser and user guide

100 x lancets

1 x lancet device with instructions for use

1 x mid-control solution (packaged separately)

Your pet's health is of utmost importance, and monitoring their blood glucose levels is a vital part of their care, especially if they have diabetes. With the PETRACKR Veterinary Blood Glucose Monitoring System, you have a reliable, affordable, and convenient solution at your fingertips.

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